Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions - Full Chimney System

1. Chimney foundation area

Fig. 1. The foundation of the chimney
 The foundation of the chimney
Fig. 2 Mantle shelf
Mantle shelf
Fig. 3. Take-over base condensation
 Fig. 4. Placing of the mantle
1 Fig. 1. Prepare the foundation of the chimney/motherboard in order to be perfectly right and balanced. We recommend the use of a chimney element, filled with mortar, left a day to strengthen the concrete. Above this base a layer of adhesive is applied.
2 Fig. 2. Is prepared the first mantle. For mounting the ventilation grille to the bottom, cut the bottom casing, cutting of 14 x 21 cm (height x width).
3 Fig. 3. Above the previously applied adhesive layer, place the condensate drip/take-up base in a perfectly positioned central position, taking into account that the distance between the condensation base and the mantle is equal on all sides.
4 Fig. 4. Place the mantle shelf on the previously applied adhesive layer in a vertical position.
5 Cut out the cotton wool in the upper part according to the dimensions of the fitting to avoid covering the front part. Put the cotton in the mantle.

2. Chimney connection zone

Fig. 5. Adhesive application
Adhesive application
Fig. 6. Edge cleaning
Edge cleaning
Fig. 7. Silicone application
 Fig. 8.Check with the leveller
6 Fig. 5. On the mantle, apply the adhesive, avoiding the inner edges and ventilation ducts of the mantle, and taking care not to get the adhesive between the mantle and the cotton.
7 Fig. 2. Cut out the next mantle for the enterprise/chimney door. Cut the entire height of the element, and width 21 cm.
8 Prepare the soldering of the chamotte pipes. Two versions can be used: Silicone for high temperatures or refractory kit. when using refractory kit, it should be prepared according to the instructions on the packaging. Caution: Kit can be used within a maximum of 45 minutes at a temperature above + 5ºC. The mixture should be made properly, any addition of water or kit after the initial mixture is prohibited.
9 Fig. 6.Both ends of the chamotte element of the enterprise door unit will be wiped with a damp sponge or brush. Fig. 7. Then apply a spatula or silicone grout to the lower edge of the tube (inner edge part).
10 Fig. 8. Carefully insert the fitting into the mantle, taking care that the tube is facing the outer edge upward. Check the vertical level perfectly. Remove the excess kit from inside the tube with a damp sponge.
Fig. 9. Placing of the mantle
Placing of the mantle
Fig. 10. Adhesive application
Adhesive application
Fig. 11. Mantle cutting
 Fig. 12. Continuation of the chimney
11 Fig. 9. The cut mantle of the element, will be placed over the applied adhesive, perfectly vertical (it will be checked with the leveller).
12 Fig. 11.The next mantle will have to be cut at the bottom of 21 cm wide and the height required for the gap is to be 2 cm larger than the visor. Mount the mantle.
13 Cut out the cotton in the lower part according to the dimensions of the accessory to avoid covering the front part. Put the cotton in the mantle.
14 Fig. 12. Repeat the steps above until reaching the desired connection height according to the instructions given above, taking into account the installation order "Mantle - Cotton - Chamotte pipe - Mantle - Cotton". After each joint of the chamotte or mantle tube, clean the excess grout, the adhesive or silicone at the joints. Check the verticality with the leveller.

3. The smoke outlet area

Fig. 13. Junction mounting
Junction mounting
Fig. 14 Mantle cutting
Mantle cutting
Fig. 15. Introduction of the cotton
 Fig. 16. Continuation of the chimney

15 Fig. 13. Install the smoke junction chamotte pipe into the mantle on the entire height.
16 Fig. 14. For the next mantle, measure how much has to be cut. Please note that there is a space of 1 cm in the side and 4 cm above and below.
17 Installing the 45 ° or 90 ° smoke connection will be similar to that of the enterprise door fitting. Continue installing the chimney as described in the above steps.

4. Passing through slabs

18 It is strictly forbidden to interrupt the chimney when passing through the slabs, to pass only with the pipe, or the pipe and the cotton. The system must be completely down and up, without interruptions
19 In the case of fuel (wood, etc.) slabs, a minimum distance of 5cm between the concrete cover and the fuel material must be kept
20 The structural integrity of the chimney will be ensured.
21 in the case of multi-level buildings, it is recommended to install an enterprise door of at least 2 levels.

5. The upper area completion of the chimney

Fig. 17.Decorative elements
Decorative elements
Fig. 18 Collar + Hat
Collar + Hat
Fig. 19. Ventilation grille
 Fig. 20. Chimney completion

22 The last mantle element is mounted
23 As the case may be, a ventilation grille can be mounted on the last mantle element, and at the top of the element the gap for the ventilation grille is cut.
24 Fig. 17. Continue mounting the decorative elements, cotton wool and chamotte pipes. Note: The last one is no longer isolated.
25 Cut the last chamotte pipe in order to be at the same level as the last decorative element
26 Fig. 18. Place the chimney cover collar in a central and perfectly horizontal position using the mantle adhesive
27 Fig. 18. Place the chimney hat over the chimney collar by following the dedicated guides using the same adhesive as above.
28 Fig. 19. Install the ventilation grille in the dedicated mantle pit
29 Install the cleaning door using concrete dowels and adhesive.
30 Fig. 20. The complete chimney system is finished, and it works.

Information and recommendations regarding the installation of the chimney system:

For the fitting of the mantles it is recommended to use the chimney adhesive included in the M2,5 or M5 class M2.5 or M5 mortar according to EN 998-2.

2.Chamotte pipes should be cleaned and moistened with sponge before assembly. Use a refractory kit or silicone for high temperatures. After installing each chamotte pipe, remove the excess kit/silicone inside the tube with a damp sponge.

3.The condensate drain must be connected to the domestic drainage system for appliances with flue gas temperatures below 80 ° C. if the flue gas temperature is higher than 80 ° C (wood-fired power plant, fireplace on wood), leakage may not be connected.

Instructiuni montaj hornuri profesionale  4.4. The basalt mineral wool shall be fitted with the joints facing the centre of the mantle.
  It is forbidden to mount the cotton wool with the joints to the ventilation corners of the mantle.

5. The chimney system located above the roof or outside must be protected from weathering, covered with sheet metal, plaster or masonry. The head of the chimney must be covered during construction work to avoid rainwater infiltration.

6. The installer/receiver is directly responsible for the statically securing of the chimney system.

7. between any of the flammable components near the chimney system, a minimum distance of 5 cm from the chimney system and a layer of basalt cotton wool must be kept.

8. Measure the required height for the smoke junction. Depending on this height, you will adjust the chamotte pipe starting with the first chamotte element mounted over the drip base. It is only possible to intervene on the lower part of the pipe.


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