Article: History of Chimneys - Second Part
As mentioned in the previous article, the history of chimneys is very interesting, and the way these products have evolved over the years is remarkable.

History of Chimneys - First Part
Chimneys are part of the European folklore and have been included in many of the events that take place in our lives.

Rules and measures to prevent fires from chimneys
To prevent possible fires at the exhaust chimneys during this low temperature period, it is important to know the main rules and defences against them.

Types of chimneys and their history
The chimney is designed to drive smoke and gas from the heat source to the outside of the house and to conduct the combustion air into the heat source.

All about hearth furnaces
The hearth furnace is an element that ennobles the house, contributes to the creation of a warm and familiar atmosphere and ensures a pleasant warmth and comfort.


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