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History of Chimneys - First Part

Chimneys are part of the European folklore and have been included in many of the events that take place in our lives. For example, it is known that Santa Claus descends through the chimneys on Christmas Eve to leave many gifts to the loved ones.

In the distant past, all people's homes were heated with wood, and there were no chimneys. Also in our country people had various tubes drawn from the kitchen through the walls to ensure the heat and thus enjoyed a very good source of heating. At that time, due to the fact that there were no chimneys, all the amount of smoke resulted from burning remained inside the dwellings, and the only way to eliminate it was by breaking into one of the walls. Most homes were then filled with smoke, which greatly affected the health of people living inside them.

As far as the origin of the chimneys is concerned, there is no concrete data, but it is known that they were built in Europe to evacuate the smoke in the house after the 12th century. These chimneys were then adopted by the middle class of the population. people who could not afford to build one continued to make the fire in the middle of the room.

Coming in time, we found out that some cheaper chimneys had begun to build, but they were often dangerous and fire-sensitive because they had a wooden structure covered with mud, clay and straw.

Since the 17th century in England, chimneys that were considered dangerous were forbidden and had to be rebuilt from brick and mortar and had to be raised at least 4 meters above the house. Until 1719, all the chimneys of clay were rebuilt from brick.

Instead, America continued using smoke chimneys with a textured and muddy wood structure until 1789 when the president of America began to consider chimneys made of brick because of repeated fires.

Although brick chimneys have begun to be used, the smoke in the house has not been totally eliminated because most of the hearth furnaces used in cooking leave a significant amount of smoke in homes. This problem of house smoke and the failure of chimneys at that time to eliminate it remained a problem until the 18th century because those types of chimneys did not have a proper design and were not capable of effectively eliminating smoke of houses.

According to theories at that time, smoke could be removed through the chimney only when the room temperature was very high. This was based on the caloric theory and it was then observed that the smoke passed from a heated part of the houses to another.

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