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PremierHORN - Professional Chimney System

The KaminHorn Premier Professional Chimney is a premium product and includes all the elements required for the construction of a chimney.

  WARRANTY:  30 ani

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5 m
20 m
110 kg/ml

PREMIER the Professional Chimney System

Because your home safety is important to us.

KaminHorn Premier - The Professional Chimney System is a product of the Premium

range and includes all the elements needed to build a chimney. KaminHorn the professional chimney facilitates resistance to the classic chimney. It has excellent draught and maximum safety in case of fire.


In addition to other chimney systems, the Premier system includes:
  1.  Hat chimney sweep for Premiere chimney
  2.   Decorative brick elements with a height of 1m
  3. STAINLESS STEEL Door Cleaning Premiere
  4. STAINLESS STEEL Cleaning cap
  5. STAINLESS STEEL Ventilation grille


  160 mm      180 mm        200 mm    



  • -It is compatible with all types of fuel
  • -3-layer-system
  • -Natural draught
  • -Pipe sizes 160 mm; 180 mm; 200 mm
  • -The internal pipe is resistant to the maximum exhaust temperature of 600 ° C
  • -Resistant to acid condensation
  • -Self-ignition resistant, chamotte pipes are resistant to a temperature up to 1200 ° C for 30 minutes
  • -Self-ventilation system of the chimney
  • -The lowest weight per linear meter: 110 kg/ml
  • -Available in versions with smoke linkages of 45 ° or 90 °
  • -The EcoHORN chimney provides maximum heat output, fireplace, boiler, providing the air needed for combustion, and driving the exhaust temperature at a safe height.

The new KaminHorn product combines safety, quality and aesthetics for the comfort and tranquillity of its customers.

Basic elements
Premier hat chimney sweep

Chimney collar

Decorative elements

Take-over base condensation

Simple chamotte pipes

Cleaning linkage

Smoke linkages 90°/45°

Mineral wool from basalt

Adhesive for chimney

Refractory kit

STAINLESS STEEL Enterprise door

STAINLESS STEEL Ventilation grille

Tehnical sheet
Mantle construction easy concrete
Minimum height 5 m
Maximum height 20 m
Class PremierHORN
Angle linkage 45*/90*
Weight 110 kg /ml
Max exhaust gas temperature  600 °C
Max temperature 30 minutes 1200 °C
Decorative elements Included
Premier hat Included
Stainless steel cone Optional

Optional Items
Base plate for chimney

Threaded rod

Set of dowels

Stainless steel cone

Stainless steel cap

Chimney Types

Te-ar putea interesa
Fix chimney adhesive - 6l

Adhesive for building lightweight concrete equipments

EcoHORN - Chimney system

Hearth furnace for cast iron Technical PT 13 kW

Professional furnace made entirely of cast iron, power 13 KW, simple air circulation.
It represents the simplest approach as an alternative heating solution, but limited.
PremierHORN - Professional Chimney System

The KaminHorn Premier Professional Chimney is a premium product and includes all the elements required for the construction of a chimney.
Client Opinion
Un sistem de horn excelent, perfect pentru casa mea!
Posted in 16.05.2017

New! The Professional Chimney KaminHorn

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product, the Professional Premier Chimney, chimney available in many diameters and configurations, which complements our portfolio with chimneys. This system brings added adaptability, home security and is the best solution for gas evacuation. The ability to order any height and configuration of the chimney due to the modular system allows building chimneys in good conditions, even in the case of the most atypical constructions.

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