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Classic chimney collar - GHM 210

Chimney collars are made of concrete with special additives, minimum C25/30 concrete class and glass fibber.

Price: 105 Lei
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  WARRANTY:  10 ani

 COST OF TRANSPORT: it will be communicated after placing the order




Guler horn Clasic - GHS 210

Chimney collars are made of concrete with special additives, minimum C25/30 concrete class and glass fibber.
The products are made in three dimensions, depending on the surface of the ceramic body they cover:

-GHS 180 - 40x40 cm;
-GHM 210 - 44x44 cm;
-GHL 250 - 48x48 cm.

After manufacturing and drying the concrete, the collar is painted with special paint. The standard colors of the products are red, brown and anthracite grey. The paints are stable in time, waterproof and with high UV resistance. On request, they can also be delivered in other colors, depending on your preference.
The main advantages of the collar:
  1. aesthetic and innovative design;
  2. protects the upper part of the chimney from the rain/humidity;
  3. prevents the ash leakage on the sides of the chimney in the upper part;
  4. provides additional stability to the hat on the chimney due to its upper edge;
  5. corrosion resistance, compression and weathering;
  6. fast assembly;
  7. 10 year warranty.
It can also be used to open the roof chimney or as an intermediate element, the design of the collar allowing the construction of the chimney elements above it.

Basic elements

Tehnical sheet
Overall width 44 x 44 cm
Chimney diameter 21 cm
Width compatibility 30 x 30 cm
Width 4 cm
Available colors Red, Brown, Anthracite Grey
Frost resistance - 25 °C 
Maximum temperature 60 °C 
Warranty 10 years

Optional Items

Chimney Types

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