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Enterprise door – Cleaning of the chimney PREMIER

The high-quality glossy stainless steel construction is equipped with a sealing gasket and a plastic locking mechanism.

Price: 297 Lei
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  WARRANTY:  2 ani

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Professional chimney hood

The high-quality glossy stainless steel construction is equipped with a sealing gasket and a plastic locking mechanism.
The main purpose of the door is to maintain and clean the chimney, and to ensure the smooth operation of the chimney.
By its construction, the chimney creates the draft necessary for the fireplace/boiler operation, bringing the necessary air into the combustion chamber, and eliminating gas and smoke in the atmosphere.
The enterprise door has the following purposes:
  1. periodic cleaning of the chimney
  2. periodic verification of the chimney
  3. control of smoke channels flow and pressure
  4. control analysis of combustion gases
The chimney cleaning door is resistant to high temperatures due to the construction material and the insulation plate between the cleaning door and the chimney connection.
Mounting method:
For this door cleaning model, mounting with concrete dowels is recommended.

Basic elements

Tehnical sheet
Latime cadru 26 cm
Lungime cadru 39 cm
Latime usita 22,5 cm
Lungime usita 29,5 cm
MAterial constructie INOX
Garnitura de etansare DA
Lock DA

Optional Items

Chimney Types

Te-ar putea interesa
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New! The Professional Chimney KaminHorn

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product, the Professional Premier Chimney, chimney available in many diameters and configurations, which complements our portfolio with chimneys. This system brings added adaptability, home security and is the best solution for gas evacuation. The ability to order any height and configuration of the chimney due to the modular system allows building chimneys in good conditions, even in the case of the most atypical constructions.

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