Useful tips and recommendations

Useful tips and recommendations

Most of the time, the chimney problem is ignored, or is put in second place when starting to build a building. We recommend including the chimney system from the initial plans.

Here are some tips and recommendations:

Tips for professional chimneys
  • 1. Ensure that the chimney height is safe and minimum 1m is above the roof
  • 2. Avoid as much as possible any situation that affects the perfect vertical flow of the gas, as the draught suffers
  • 3. Place the chimney in such a way that no deviations are needed
  • 4. For solid fuel, we recommend connecting the chimney to an angle of 45 °
  • 5. Make sure the chimney is tight, there are no cracks, or mistakes.
  • 6. We recommend that you secure the chimney against rainfall and wind rewinding by mounting one of the Chimney Hats.
  • 7. For wood-fired power stations, we recommend using the stainless steel cone as these boilers have a larger draught
  • 8. For the fireplace, we recommend the use of the Classic or Premier Chimney
  • 9. Make sure there is at least one cleaning loop per unit. If the building has several levels, we recommend a cleaning loop on each level
  • 10. We use perfectly circular chamotte pipes because they are most effective. Any shape of the tubing different from the circular shape results in loss of circulation and favours soot depositions
  • 11. During assembly, make sure that the joint of the chamotte pipes is not excess kit or silicone, these depositions favouring soot depositions and impeding evacuation.
  • Useful fireplaces tips
  • 12. Linking multiple heat sources to the same flue system is only allowed after a professional chimney draft calculation.
  • 13. Due to abundant soot depositions in case of solid fuels, we recommend that you carry out a frequent chimney inspection and cleaning if necessary.
  • 14. If the chimney passes on components of the building, which are combustible (wooden beams, slabs etc.), we recommend a minimum space of 10 cm between the chimney and elements, and the isolation of the chimney with basalt mineral wool
  • 15. The casing coupling should be as short as possible and the angle as small as possible
  • 16. Sealing casing coupling at the inlet of the smoke pipe with a fibro-ceramic cord or other compressible fireproof material. The connection pipe will never be fixed to the smoke pipe of the chimney because at the moment of heat expansion, the chamotte pipe will crack
  • 17. Do not use damp or green wood!

New! The Professional Chimney KaminHorn

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product, the Professional Premier Chimney, chimney available in many diameters and configurations, which complements our portfolio with chimneys. This system brings added adaptability, home security and is the best solution for gas evacuation. The ability to order any height and configuration of the chimney due to the modular system allows building chimneys in good conditions, even in the case of the most atypical constructions.

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